21 Details to Check Before You Launch Your Funnel

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Before you hit “GO!” on your funnel…And no, there isn’t ACTUALLY a “go” button…Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a smooth sail into the market.


This means you should do this for the entire funnel, not just individual steps

  1. Upload a favicon image that represents the funnel.

    To do this, upload a photo into your media library in Clickfunnels. Then temporarily place it on the page, and simply COPY the URL that populates in the image field.

    Then delete the photo (don’t worry, the link will stay active). Paste that link into the favicon area.
  2. Make sure you have a pixel or tracking code in the funnel if you’re using paid advertising (like Facebook or Google).
  3. Reset the stats so that your page views (and anyone else who’s testing) aren’t counted.
  4. Check that the funnel is on the right domain, and set up the root/404 of the domain (if it’s a new domain you’ve never used before).

    The domain is chosen at the FUNNEL wide level. You can select it here.

    As for the root/404 domain, this is where you set what happens when someone goes to the root of the domain (no permalink path on the end) or if they mistype a URL and it creates a 404. First go to your account settings, choose domains….

then select your domain…

and edit the root/404 and tell Clickfunnels what funnel step you want to send people to if they go to the root or write the wrong URL by mistake.

Funnel Steps

Things to check on each individual page or funnel step

  1. Double check that the SEO and share data is customized in the general settings.

  2. Look in the general settings “redirect” area to make sure there isn’t a redirect override that you don’t want (this happens when you clone funnels or templates and you forget!).This feature is handy, but maddening if you accidentally use it! When someone clicks SUBMIT on a button, regardless of what that action is on the button, the redirect override setting makes it so they go to THAT URL. Make sure there isn’t a URL in there (unless you meant to do it)!

  3. Check that the SET ACTION on all your buttons are correct.Speaking of buttons, check all your buttons to make sure the set action is correct. If you just have a sales page and want the button to take people to the next page, you choose NEXT STEP. But, if you are taking information from people (email opt-ins or contact info), the action must be set to SUBMIT FORM. Then it will automatically send them to the next step in the funnel. There are also actions to show/hide elements, take people to certain spots on a page, and the option to write in a custom link.
  4. Check the integrations on your opt-in forms so that they are dumping into the right email list, or segment.

  5. Check that the pop-up has been customized.Some templates have a pop up and it’s easy to forget to check it if you’re not planning on using it.
  6. If you have any sections hidden, make sure there are no videos set to autoplay because they will start playing when traffic hits the page.

  7. If you’re creating a custom URL link on the page and it manually links to OTHER funnel steps, make sure to include the http(s) in the link.People trying to make a payment after clicking on a link that doesn’t have the “s” in the http might have trouble placing an order because the payment button appears “stuck”.
  8. If you’re delivering a digital asset on the first step of the funnel, check to make sure the asset gets delivered and has a customizable message.To have Clickfunnels set up the delivery on an asset, go into your account settings, upload the asset, and customize the message.

    Then go into the funnel step, and set up the asset delivery on the squeeze page.

  9. Look at every step on mobile to make sure it’s easy to read and use.

  10. Does each page have a proper footer with privacy policy, terms and conditions, refund policy, and contact info?

  11. Notate all the permalink paths on the end of your funnel steps so you can quickly go to any page in the funnel.

  12. Check the automations tab and modify or delete any emails you aren’t using.

    This happens when you purchase or download templates – many come with built in automation.

Product Area

Things to check on the products tab on your order forms, OTO forms, and downsell forms

  1. If you are using the affiliate center, make sure all your products are checked off correctly as “commissionable” or not.

  2. Test the purchase using Stripe’s test mode.
    Be sure to switch it off when you’re done! Also, if you’re using Zapier for any third party integrations or communication, run a test purchase so you can double check those connections are working properly (it can take up to 15 minutes for Zapier to fire if you’ve got the basic plan).
  3. Check fulfillment email on the product tab to ensure that the links to members area or any other fulfillment process are set up correctly.

  4. Check the product settings where it asks you to describe the product as it will appear on the credit card statement.

    Things that can throw people off are unclear Credit Card memos (the last field in the order form), or if you don’t explain the payment plan!
  5. Double check that you have the number of payment plans set to the right quantity.

Members Area

Things to check in the members area

  1. Have you restricted access to the products using the restrict access button on the lesson section heading?

  2. Link up the “support” link in the top so people can get in touch with you for help.

Your funnel is now ready for the world (assuming of course you have a great offer, amazing copy, and a hot market). For more information on how to create great offers, great copy, and great funnels, check out and . Are there any things you do before launching a funnel that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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