4 Follow Up Emails To Send Out To Boost Engagement In Your Opt-In Funnel

Email opt-ins represent some of the most powerful traffic you could hope to send through your sales funnel, granted you understand how to engage your readers.

Whether you’re struggling with opt-ins or are simply looking to boost your conversions, consider these four foolproof emails as a solid starting point.

If you had an “absolutely essential, no-nonsense marketing” to-do list in front of you, building your base of email opt-ins is something you should have done yesterday.

Failing to build your email list is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that funnel-builders make.

While focusing the bulk of your efforts on-site may seem like the best course of action, the need to warm leads off-site through avenues such as email marketing simply cannot be ignored.

Besides, the benefits of building an opt-in list can’t be overstated. For starters:

Okay, but does email traffic really convert? Or is it all smoke and mirrors?

  • Businesses actively warming leads via email results in 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost
  • Leads nurtured via opt-in emails are acquired at 33% lower cost versus other leads
  • Email converts approximately three times more than social media channels: Additionally, leads acquired through email have 17% higher value in the conversion

Funnel-hackers need an email list.

But perhaps even more important than having opt-ins, however, is having a set of marketing messages on deck to seal the deal.

Despite popular belief, not all messages need to revolve after selling explicitly.

After all, sending a slew of “BUY NOW” emails will likely set off the spam alarm in the minds of your audience.

Instead, you need a series of killer emails, carefully crafted to nurture your leads, encouraging responses and clicks that will transform your opt-ins into lifelong customers.

Although the possibilities are seemingly endless regarding the types of sales emails you can craft, we’re going to focus on four messages specifically targeted as opt-ins.

Regardless, the following messages should be kept on deck for any funnel-hacker and can easily be repurposed for future affiliates and offers.

The Welcome

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of unspoken power in a simple “hello.”

Many marketers tend to overlook welcome emails because they’re in a rush to start selling; however, your warm leads won’t stay warm for long if you push them too hard.

The benefits of a welcome email are two-fold to warming leads, both of which are somewhat subconscious:

  • Your brand seems more like a helpful resource versus a salesperson
  • You have the opportunity to give your marketing efforts a personal touch and actually establish a connection with your readers

Welcome messages aren’t rocket science and should achieve the following as succinctly as possible:

  • Introduce yourself or your brand (use “I” if possible)
  • Briefly, outline or discuss what users should expect from your future emails
  • Mention the benefits of your brand, whether it’s helping readers grow their businesses, achieve their goals or simply increase their base of knowledge

Your welcome should be short, sweet and to the point; however, it doesn’t have to be all fluff.

While you shouldn’t necessarily start pushing deals to your opt-ins right off the bat, you can use your welcome email to present value to your users.

For example, you could encourage readers to follow you on Facebook to stay connected to valuable tips, or direct them to your blog to keep up with up-to-date content.

The Freebie

Although some marketers are naturally hesitant when it comes to giving out anything at no cost, sending a freebie email can be a massive trust-builder and turning point for any reader skeptical of buying from you.

Beyond the psychology of “free,” consider what giving away a potentially valuable product or information at no cost achieves, including:

  • Building a sense of confidence for your brand (after all, you can afford to give something away for nothing)
  • Showing that you’re willing to help your readership by any means necessary (even if that means a potential “loss” for yourself
  • Chipping away at the trust barrier for your readership: instead of pushing them to buy, you’re the one eating the cost

Freebies can be especially powerful for those shipping a physical product, which requires marketers to build the most trust versus digital products.

Your freebie is entirely up to you, but informational products such as e-books and webinars are probably your best bet.

If you’re afraid of losing monetary value at the cost of marketing power, consider digging from the vault of past paid webinars that are perhaps no longer selling but are still relevant to your readers.

You may also consider a free-shipping offer or slash a subscription cost for your readers, depending on whether or not such a deal would be cost-effective.

Again, don’t be too pushy with your freebie. Present it at something exclusive to subscribers to provide your “gift” with a sort of feel-good feeling.

The Guru

Similar to the freebie email, you should also send out educational messages that signal your authority within your space, display your knowledge and set yourself apart from the competition.

Such emails are relatively simple to craft if you’ve already got killer content on deck, such as an in-depth industry review or case study.

Through your educational emails, exclusivity should be the name of the game.

That is, whatever you send out is something that your competition can’t provide or hasn’t unlocked.

Present your education as a sort of secret or “insider scoop” that can’t be found anywhere else.

As opposed to the two emails above, educational emails can naturally include a sales-themed call-to-action.

For example, a business selling SEO software could provide an eye-opening case study conducting using their platform, and urge readers to find out more (which leads them into your funnel).

The Olive Branch

Sometimes not all goes according to plan when it comes to email marketing.

Users drop off, don’t respond or seem to disappear out of the blue.

It happens; however, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on such users.

Start with a personalized subject line that grabs the readers’ attention and helps remind them that they’ve interacted with you in the past (“Bob, we’ve missed you”).

To help incentivize a sense of interaction, consider a sort of “check-in” message or ask for some form of feedback on your product or service.

Sometimes a steep discount or deal can represent the make or break moment for such users, perhaps giving them the last push they need to get back into your funnel.

Keep in mind that a re-engagement series can easily be automated, making such emails seem like much less of a headache.

Also keep in mind that re-engagement campaigns represent a great opportunity to test new deals and CTA’s given that such users may otherwise drop out of your funnel altogether.

If you’re a little iffy about your writing skills or you find shortlisting and interviewing copywriters for the job a chore, don’t fret. Funnel Scripts lets you generate killer email subject lines and content with ease. Paired with Actionetics for your email automation, it’s a marketer’s dream!

What Emails Work Best For You?

The amount of personalization and customization afforded by email marketing is staggering: in short, you can craft an autoresponder series that achieves just about anything given you have the time and a bit of creativity.

While crafting such emails initially may seem like a lot of legwork, consider how these messages can be automated time and time again, essentially allowing you to run your email marketing on autopilot while you get down to business.

So, what email messages have you found work best with your opt-ins?

Any small tweaks to your email campaigns that resulted in big returns?

ClickFunnels Action Steps

How to Create Content with Funnel Scripts

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Step 2: Head to the dashboard

Step 3: Click any of the scripts in the menu depending on the content you need.

Step 4: Fill in the information needed in the generator.

Step 5: Click “Save” or “Submit”

After clicking “Save”, a text file will be downloaded immediately.

After Clicking “Submit”, you will be given several ad copy samples based on the information you entered. Check out some of the samples below!

Step 6: Select from the choices, then copy and paste your content.

How to Create Emails with Actionetics Email Builder

Step 1: Log in to your ClickFunnels account

Step 2: Click Actionetics.

Step 3: Go to Email Broadcasts and click on the “+ New Email Broadcast” button.

Step 4: Design your email! You can choose from several templates.

Step 5: Add the information needed

  1. The subject of your email
  2. Add the email lists. In this case, those who signed up for your webinar
  3. Your SMTP Configuration which will be used to send emails.

Step 6: Open Email Editor

Step 7: Add and remove elements to your email according to your preference

Step 9: You can opt to send your emails upon creation or schedule them to be sent at a future time. Simply click “Send Later” and set the time and date.

Written by Stephen Esketzis

Stephen Esketzis is Head Of Content Marketing at Clickfunnels. He is known as the ‘Sales Funnel Architect’ and is a specialist at using paid traffic to generate highly profitable sales funnels. You can also listen to his podcast ‘Marketing on The Move’ and look him up on Facebook.

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