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Today’s episode is another GaryVee TV Classic, an interview from “Tea with GaryVee”. “Talking to the audience” when building your personal brand is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone.


If speaking directly to the camera feels awkward to you, then don’t do it! You should play to your strengths. If you work better with another person to bounce ideas off of and have a conversation with, try that instead! Try a live stream where you can directly talk to your community instead if a video where you “pretend” like you are.


There are plenty of other ways to make content and you need to explore which you are most comfortable with. P.S. It might be time to bring back Tea with GaryVee. Tweet me and let me know your thoughts! Tweet Me: @garyvee Text Me: 212-931-5731 My Newsletter: garyvee.com/newsletter


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