Case Study: 10 Elements That Boost Conversions On Clickbank’s Best Selling Offers

In the ever-changing world of marketing, it often seems like there’s always new strategies and methods popping up every day.

Learning to harness these for your sales funnel and turn it into a high-converting powerhouse is essential.

And there’s no better way to discover elements that increase your conversion rate than by taking a closer look at real-life examples.

That’s right… we’re going to dive right in and get a glimpse of some of these trendy strategies in their native habitat.

And really, performing case studies on actual examples that have already been deployed gives you several benefits.

The first is rather obvious: you have a chance to observe what works.

But the benefits go a little bit beyond just that one.

Sometimes, when you’re building your own sales funnel, especially if you’re just starting out, it can be hard to step back and detach yourself from the process.

And in a sense, that’s perfectly okay.

Being passionate about your next big funnel idea is a rewarding part of the game!

However, when you submerse yourself in other people’s marketing efforts, a wonderful thing happens.

You start picking up on trends that you can modify and adapt.

You also get to find ideas that you know you could do better.

Keep these thoughts in mind as we dig into some actual marketing elements showcased on Clickbank best-selling offers.

1. Location Aware Websites

Have you ever gone on a site, and some of the content you were served applied specifically to the area you were in?

You’ll often see this technique used to hotel or travel websites, and it creates a direct connection with the audience.

In fact, Research has shown that marketing that includes an aware location element raises conversions to 40% online.

And there’s no reason this method can’t be used on almost any site.

Take for example this house sitting website, a top Clickbank offer.

On the frontpage, the site offers up the profile for someone in your general area, so you don’t even have to search at all, increasing the chances that you’ll use the service.

That’s clever and high-converting!

Protip: Even if you only serve a small local area, you can still look for opportunities to integrate aware location elements on your sites, such as content tailored to specific neighborhoods or communities.

2. “Turn On Your Sound”

There’s been subtle, but the slowly growing trend on the Internet: Videos on the website that don’t have their sound on, or at the very least, provide a warning to their audience before beginning.

On one hand, you might be thinking at first that this might defeat the purpose of the video.

Shouldn’t you want to maximize every available second you have your audience’s attention?

Well, the answer is, sure, but you also don’t want to cross the line into obtrusive.

It’s not hard to imagine surfing a website using your phone while on the subway or at work… and suddenly, there’s this loud video!

The shift is to ask your audience to turn their sound on, so this way, they’re aware of the content.

Take this awesome example from Clickbank: this yoga site starts their video by letting users know to expect sound in a moment.

This way, they have time to prepare themselves for the message.

Protip: You can also hire a code designer to write you some scripting to have a lower volume level on an embedded video, say 10% or so. This way, you get the best of both worlds. Just be sure to tell your audience to turn up the sound!

3. Video Sales Letter Script Strategies

A whopping 90% of online customers report that videos help their experience!

Those are some serious numbers.

You’ll want to ensure that your script really takes advantage of that opportunity.

This video, creating by a Clickbank offer for a curation tool, shows off several perfect scripting lessons.

The biggest two are that the video leads into a relevant question fairly quickly.

This engages your audience about their needs. And then the brands acts like the solution, satisfying the sense of urgency.

While an entire course could be taught on good video scripting, just remember your basic marketing strategies like using a hook, giving features and benefits, and showing energy.

Protip: Treat the script for your videos like a story and a conversation. This way, you’ll be going beyond dry and boring to hit on interesting and dynamic.

4. Testimonials

When you’ve applied for a job in the past, you may have been asked to give references.

And that company may, in turn, call your references to ask them for their thoughts, a testimonial if you will.

More and more these days, customers are drawn to regular people sharing their thoughts on a product or service.

Testimonials actually have the highest effectiveness in marketing.

This Clickbank offer from a game addon includes customer shout outs with just this in mind.

Adding a few to your website or landing page helps to show that your product is likable, and people are willing to talk about it.

Protip: Don’t wait for your customers to share their thoughts with you! Directly ask them for testimonials, and you’ll find many people love to give their own.

5. Insider knowledge

Almost everyone loves to be on the VIP list.

When you’re on it, you’re “in the know,” and you’re getting some special treatment.

Take a page from this ebook website that hooks visitors up with insider knowledge on the industry.

You can guess why an offer like this would do well on Clickbank, since it’s told from an ex-employee of the airline world, sharing all the tricks they don’t want you to know.

And for your brand, you can always add that extra layer of exclusivity to an offer.
Protip: Reward programs are a good way to add to the insider experience, especially when they give your customers the inside scoop on deals. This can help create stronger brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

6. In-Stream or Native-Level Advertising

The talk of the town in marketing these days seems to be native advertising.

While there’s no official definition for this technique, it’s basically presenting an embedded product pitch within the content of a page.

Some content-exclusive brands, such as media agencies, are experimenting with this type of marketing in their stories with some interesting results.

But the key here is that your pitch doesn’t feel like a pitch.

Consumers have become so numb to marketing in some cases, that it makes sense to hijack the regular content they might read and give a subtle call-to-action.

For example, this Clickbank health offer uses a website that slowly transitions from informative content to selling pitch.

Protip: Native advertising can be as subtle you’d like it to be. Consider hiring a blog writer to write a story for their site where they interact with your brand. It’s simple but spreads awareness in a very authentic way.

7. Money Back Guarantees

Okay, you have to admit, this offer on Clickbank for an Ironman suit is pretty cool.

You could understand how a potential lead might think it’s almost too good to be true.

What’s an easy and quick way to dispel with this doubt? Putting a big, bold money back guarantee on your website or elsewhere in your sales funnel.

These images assure your audience that you stand behind your product or service 100%.

This indicates that they really are purchasing something that’s of value, not just another gimmick.

Protip: For some brands, it will make sense to decide if you’d like to place a limit on this guarantee. Will you agree to refund your product or service 30 days after your customer buys? What about 3 years after? Decide what timeframe makes sense for your company.

8. Exit pops

But that offer for an Ironman suit also has another conversion-boosting element on its page…. an exit pop.

Now, there’s some controversy behind pop-ups and whether or not users are adverse to them.

And here’s the story: first, you can see the data on this Clickbank offer that this product isn’t being devastated by using a pop-up.

Some research also shows that, in the case of opt-in campaigns, pop-ups are incredibly effective.

But the takeaway for exit pops is that, unlike regular pop-ups, they don’t interrupt the user in the middle of experiencing your site.

While data still has to be collected on their use, it makes sense that your audience wouldn’t mind them in the same way they do regular pop-ups.

This way, you get the benefit without the risk.

Protip: Quirky sayings on your exit pops can be used to jazz up an otherwise boring marketing technique. Try things like “Oh, just one more thing!” or “Don’t forget anything when you go! Sign up for my newsletter.”

9. Official Badges

Official badges are similar to our money back guarantee, but with a twist.

Let’s look at this Clickbank offer for FIFA 16. In addition to being high ranking, it also uses the badges for all the major credit cards below its call-to-action button.

These official badges signal to the customer that this brand does business with other, larger and more established businesses.

Badges like these convey authority and trust on all levels. Other official badges you could use might be special certificates that are awarded in your niche or an A+ rating with the BBB.

Protip: If you’re struggling to find official badges that you can use in your funnel, remember… even official badges for your Yelp or Facebook presence shows that you’re a brand willing to devote time to managing your reputation.

10. Media-related Brand Endorsements

Speaking of establishing authority and trust, let’s discuss brand endorsements for a moment.

This high-converting offer for an Instagram-related service includes an “As Seen On” section in their sales funnel.

Forbes, the Huffington Post, and more… telling your customers that your brand is interesting enough to be featured in these trusted sources is sure to boost your closing chances.

This is especially true when you’ve been featured in a media source that’s specific to your industry or niche.

Protip: Don’t be frustrated if it takes some time to get these media spots. Some brands go years before being featured, but once you are, show it off front and center!

Plus A Bonus: Magic Buy Buttons

When you’re including your call-to-action button, why not merely have it say “buy now” or “click here to purchase?” …

There’re a few ways you can handle your buy buttons.

But first, the goal of magic buy buttons is to either blend your button into your content or hide it until it’s time to hit your audience with it.

The first changes up the wording of the button a little bit and includes verbiage that highlights a portion of the content.

This health-related Clickbank offer does this well by extending the content of the page into the call-to-action, blending it as just another link to more content.

Another way is to use scripting to hide your button until the right time; say, when your video is done playing, and then the button pops in below.

This ensures your audience doesn’t feel like they’re being sold right off the bat.

Protip: Consider dropping the button look all together, and scattering regular links throughout your content, but which all lead to a buying experience for your audience.

Clickbank is full of so many funnel examples that it really is amazing.

What’s the most clever you’ve seen on the site?

Written by Stephen Esketzis

Stephen Esketzis is Head Of Content Marketing at Clickfunnels. He is known as the ‘Sales Funnel Architect’ and is a specialist at using paid traffic to generate highly profitable sales funnels. You can also listen to his podcast ‘Marketing on The Move’ and look him up on Facebook.

This content was originally published here.

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