Signs Your Current Routine Needs an Update

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Daily routines can prove invaluable for improving our lives. However, they aren’t all made equal. When you are creating your first routine, there are several things you may miss out or get wrong. Your routine may have worked for you initially, but now you have stopped seeing the progress advancements you wanted.


As humans, we change and evolve over time. Where you are now and how you feel will look completely different to how it did a year ago. This means, what works for us initially, may not work for us further down the line.


Not sure whether your routine is working for you? Examine the issues, situations, and signs below to help you decide if your current routine needs an update.


You find the routine is difficult to stick to.


The right routine will become easy to follow over time. However, all routines require effort in the beginning. When you are making changes, the mind needs time to adjust and re-learn different patterns of behavior. It is said that it takes around 21 days to build up consistent habits. If you are still struggling after 21 days, it could be a sign you need to change it.


You don’t see the value in it anymore.


When you first start following a routine, it adds a lot of value to your life. It can boost energy levels, reduce stress, and make you feel happier overall. You can easily identify the value in the things you are doing.


If you are struggling to see the value in your routine, changing it up can help. Over time, you change and the things that once helped you are no longer relevant. This means it is important to change your routine as you and your circumstances change.


There is no room for spontaneity.


Daily routines create structure, but it’s also important to leave some room for flexibility. Life is unpredictable and this needs to be factored into your routine. If you make it too strict, you’ll find it’s much harder to follow.


Stick to including the most important tasks in your routine, such as habits to improve your mornings. Don’t aim to create a strict timeline of how your day should go.


You find change more difficult now.


One of the great things about a daily routine is that it gives you structure. However, it should also leave room for change too. If you use your daily routine to avoid change, it’s time to stop.


Many people find change is much more difficult if they have been following a strict routine. As you become used to your new rigid schedule, any change can leave you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. However, it is important to be open to change so changing your routine may be necessary.


These are some of the top signs you may need to update your current routine. Remember, routines need to be altered over time to accommodate for any lifestyle and personal changes.

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